digital peace talks GUIDE

Welcome to digital peace talks!
Your App to survive difficult dialogs.
Let us show you around:
Please click [next] to start the tour.

This is the topic cloud. Your new home.
You can move, zoom and rotate in 3D space!!!
Mouse Navigation:
Left = rotate, right = move, wheel = zoom
Mobile Navigation:
One finger = rotate, two fingers = move,
pinch = zoom

These four buttons are used for main actions.
Let's start with the home button:
It will bring you allways back to the topic cloud.
No matter what! We promise!

Let us skip the Search-button, we all know what it does.
This button is far more interesting:
It's for creation:

A click/touch on this button allows you to create new topics or:
Inside a topic you can state an opinion.
So much power in this little fella!

To visit a topic in the all-mighty topic-cloud
just click or touch on the topic of your choice.
Try it, or not.
Inside a topic you can read through opinions other people stated and deliver your own opinion.

Hard to see through?
This is the message list. Your new best friend!
Every interaction gets stored in it.
Scroll through missed invites, forgotten dialogs,
your best arguments or follow your favorite topics.

And now feel free to create a new topic or state an opinion in a topic of your choice.
The digital-peace-talks-team is allready loving you just for joining!
Have fun!